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A major bloodbath is taking place in the Syrian province of Idlib, where a major final invasion is threatening the lives of three million civilians. Since December 2019, conflict has escalated in North-West Syria. Hospitals, health facilities and camps have all been attacked – leaving over one million people to flee.
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Of the 3 million people already in Idlib, at least half were already displaced from other areas of Syria.

Now with more people arriving, resources are stretched and there’s simply not enough resources to help save lives. Hundreds of thousands of children are facing unimaginable horrors as the war in Syria intensifies in Idlib. Families are desperately trying to escape the bombing with nowhere to go.

The Syrian Regime is bombing Idlib without discrimination.

Men, women and children are being killed. We are on the ground with them, helping and working to relieve their suffering. We need your urgent donations to help as many of them as possible... please donate generously.

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    we can save a life in the emergency room

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    we can treat a patient in the ICU for a day

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    we can provide emergency surgery for a patient


Donate your Sadaqah and Lillah, and help them to see better days.