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A major bloodbath has been taking place in Syria. Some reports calculate that well over a million people have been murdered in this long war. Hundreds of thousands of people have been left permanently disabled. Daily bombardment is making it difficult for medics in Syria to save lives. To make matters worse, hospitals, health facilities and refugee camps are all being targeted in this war.
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Of the estimated 4 million people living in Idlib, at least half are internally displaced

Idlib is now the last refuge for the people of Syria. Resources are stretched and there’s simply not enough to save lives. Hundreds of thousands of children are facing the unimaginable horrors of living under the indiscriminate bombing. To make matters worse, the shattered health system is not able to cope with the current COVID19 pandemic. The displaced people are now especially vulnerable to the disease.

The Syrian Regime is bombing Idlib without discrimination.

Men, women and children are being killed. We are on the ground with them, helping and working to relieve their suffering. There are already mass shortages of beds, ventilators, medicine and proper equipment. The healthcare system has been systematically worn down by the now decade long violence and war crimes.

Medical Aid Syria is on the ground

Medical Aid Syria has been striving to provide specialist medical assistance for those in need. With your donations, we are able to deliver life saving medical supplies and equipment to the medical services in this war zone.

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In responding to the crisis, we must grasp the opportunity and build a more resilient and stronger health system for the future and for everyone. Scaling up access to healthcare, could enable us to save lives during this pandemic and also to save hundreds of thousands of lives each year after.