Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Medical Aid Syria?

Medical Aid Syria (MAS) is a relief organisation based in war-torn Northern Syria, striving to save the millions of lives living in this war zone.

2. Who co-ordinates with us?

Doctors from MAS have been coordinating with registered charities, medical health care professionals and organizations around the world to bring life saving medical aid to the Syrian people.

3. Is MAS a registered charity?

MAS is an independant organization which promotes and recommends registered charities around the world.

Most of whom are UK or US based and are charity comission compliant based on which country they are based in. You can donate with 100% confidence to registered charities that are being promoted on this platform.

4. How much do you charge as an administrative fee?

MAS promotes charities ONLY with a 100% donation policy. Meaning 100% of your donation goes towards the project you are donating towards

5. Are your projects Zakat eligible?

Our P.A.L.S projects are Zakat eligible.


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