Fund a medical library

We are seeking urgent funds to build a medical library in our hospital in Idlib.
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Right now, we have so many students who are training in our hospital.

Because of the shortage of medical staff in the free territories of Idlib, it is very important to train the future generation of medics. We need your help to build a study area/library for our students to learn in. Currently, as the hospital is located underground, all the above floors are empty. We want to utilize a big hall in the above floor to make a medical library.

This is a great opportunity for you to invest in your hereafter.

Not only are you building a medical library for our students and staff, but you are also helping to train the future medics of the revolution.
With your help, we seek to convert this derelict hall into a Medical Library, which will have lots of medical books as well as an area to study, including a computer lab.

We are seeking $5,000 for this project

Take up this amazing opportunity and invest in this sadaqah jariyah project. Our team is ready to start on this project straight away, so please make a donation. May Allah reward you.
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